The Contagion of Hope

October 14, 2020
The Life Church

As we continue to contend with the greatest crisis to hit our globe since any of us has been alive, I want to take a look at prayer and its potential for helping us to cope.

Many times, when we approach the subject of prayer, it is a means of asking God in order to obtain (healing, problem solving, peace, strength, family, finance, etc.) However, while this is certainly acceptable, as Jesus gave us the invitation to ask (Matthew 7:7, 8), it may also be important to approach prayer by adding another thing to “our list” and that is for an increase in our faith?

The Bible defines faith in Hebrews 11:1 as the substance (or more accurately translated assurance) of things hoped for. So, the question becomes what is your or my hope?

I heard a person honestly and bluntly say to me the other day, “I have lost all faith in God and people during this time”. Now while I do not believe I have been called or am qualified to judge the measure of one’s lament, I will say, without hope you cannot have any faith. And according to Hebrews 11:6 without faith it is not possible for us to please God.

Faith and hope are inescapably linked together. And the tie that binds the two is prayer! Prayer allows us to center our attention and focus on the fact that God is trustworthy. He is able to handle our most difficult hardships and challenges! Having said that, I would like to provide you with a model prayer type for asking God for depending on God’s trustworthiness, called the “Contagion of Hope”.

To God,

The source of my life and hope.

Your light rises in darkness and assures us that your presence is near.

Transform my fears and doubts into unwavering trust and dependence in your matchless power.

May we join with all believers in spreading Good News that you are I AM.

Protect the weak and the vulnerable.

And give strength to the dejected and discouraged.

We declare that Your resurrection power has conquered all foes (even COVID).

Our victory is in Your ability to do the unexpected, improbable and impossible.

We lean into Your limitless love for us now and forever.