September 30, 2020
The Life Church

Chaos, a state of disorder and confusion.

Sounds like much of what we’re living in today huh? With very little hope of things changing for the better any time soon.

How does one even begin to exercise courage when our world is in such disarray?

Yet, these current state of affairs call on us for just that. For without some element of courage HOPE is definitely not in our reach.

Upon my initial visits to the Life Church I learned 5 key attributes to pray for, which have stuck with me and helped heighten my faith senses.  

In order for me to even consider the concept of courage in any circumstance, I’ve had to lean heavily on them, as I attempt to walk in obedience to the scriptures and ‘lean not on my own understanding’.

I want to discuss 5 things that I have learned to pray for in order to receive courage.

5 Attributes to Pray for to Receive Courage

  • Pray for the HEART of God
  • Pray to do the WILL of God
  • Pray to HEAR the voice of God
  • Pray to receive the FAVOR of God
  • Pray to receive the GRACE of God


As we shuffle through our daily circumstances aiming to stay above water, we need each one of these elements to prepare us for whatever comes our way.

These unprecedented times have removed all basis of safety and calm as we once knew it. It is definitely a sink or swim society. With disease, police brutality, financial, mental, and physical depletion God is calling us higher.

He is requiring us to move to firm and stable ground to ensure the proper footing to withstand the battles we are experiencing and those that lie ahead.

Now is the time to do the opposite of what seems logical, such as retreat. We are not defeated, and we will persevere!

We must not allow our fears to incapacitate us. Fear should not be the platform from which we exist, respond, or react to any situation. Rather, it should be the very thing that causes us to look to the hills ‘where our help comes from’.  It is only on this solid ground that we can prepare for the battle and discern the matters of the chaos. 

Despite how things may look, I believe COURAGE is what is needed. Not courage by our own might because in truth, we have none, but instead a bold courage that awakens the warrior that God has placed inside of us, to push through the rubble and knock down walls to declare the glory of God in the midst of this MESS

Despite the feelings of fear and despair we must seek the strength to “Do it Afraid.”  This is truly a year to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan that ensures our spiritual and physical perspectives to follow God’s specific instructions to declare VICTORY!

So, how do we “Do it Afraid” and develop a Disaster Recovery Plan?

  • First, ask for strength beyond your ability. Acknowledge your weakness(es)
  • Pray for understanding of the matter of fear
  • Pray for knowledge as to what is required of you to help dismantle the barriers
  • Pray and inquire how your efforts will bring God the glory
  • Dismiss negative energy that can hinder your call to serve
  • Pray for a peace that surpasses all your understanding (Sometime God’s will may not make sense)
  • Be transparent. Transparency ignites transformation.
  • Don’t let your comforts cast complacency on your potential or purpose



Submitted in God’s love,

Wendy Wilson