What to Do When Disappointed

June 27, 2022
The Life Church

What to Do When Disappointed?

The scripture tells us that God’s ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts.


If we are to be honest, it is not always easy to know and understand His will. And even when we do, sometimes it is not easy to surrender our will to His.


When disappointment strikes and hardship hits, trying to cope and wrestle with our deepest pains is a difficult process.


But the Good News, even in our grief, is the Bible doesn’t conceal stories about suffering. It is replete with examples of how believers faced adversity and handled hard times.


With that stated, we can find encouragement in the fact that whatever we may be facing¾this is not the end of the story! God is with you and He is working on your behalf Right Now!

Be it in your financial challenges, at your job, in your household affairs, even in the day-to-day routine activities¾we have a God who works with us and works things out for us!


So, if you are feeling defeated or discouraged today, remind yourself that the journey is not over and our gracious God is not through, working things out for you!