No Turning Back…

December 9, 2020
The Life Church


The story of Lot’s wife sums up all too well the important lesson God was trying to teach regarding SELF. His instructions to Lot were to flee Sodom and Gomorrah and not look back, literally. However, Lot’s wife was so absorbed in all that she left that she turned for one last look. And instantaneously she was transformed into a pillar of salt. Frozen in self at that moment with no opportunity to grow and learn of the plan that God had for her. Pure self-destruction.

God knows all too well what the consumption of self can reap, so much that He requires us to deny self. God is the manual for our existence. He is the author of all chapters in our life’s story.

We are not co-creators nor co-authors over our being. He is God alone. We are the product of His initial design. His breath, His hands, and His mission. Immense possibilities and potential exist in us all. We just have to allow it to manifest.

But when we get in our own way, we suffer, we can’t cope, we turn to ourselves, and we do not trust. That’s when doubt creeps in and consumes us, as we tell ourselves “nothing and no one can handle our hurts”. We become so overwhelmed with SELF [Selfishly Evolved thru Lavished Fiction]. Self becomes the denial of God’s image for us.

Seemingly, it is easy to take free will as our initial go to, instead of seeking God. In so doing, we may dismiss any idea that doesn’t include self-gratification. We must be affirmed in some way or another through one of the following:


  • Self-centeredness

  • Self-identity

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-motivation

  • Self-made

  • Self-help

Downright selfishness!

Selfishness creates a barrier between us and our Creator. However, if we replace self and put God first, we can feel more connectedness with Him and see Him more clearly at work in our lives.

  • God centeredness

  • God’s identity

  • God’s confidence

  • God’s motivation

  • God made

  • God’s help 

Unfortunately, humanity has allowed and accepted the enemies substandard and counterfeit conditions of all that was created GOOD! If we could only truly see ourselves for what sin has stained. If so, we’d all be running to get a makeover.

Sin has created such a dysfunctional and destructive cycle so tightly weaved into the fabrics of our world’s DNA.

Though true, God is still our creator and we are still His creation. Transformation is obtained through Him. Our job is to ask for His assistance in shedding the weight of SELF.


Thank God for His grace and His unconditional love despite SELF, for SELF is an anchor rooted in sin. Let us be renewed by the Holy Spirit. Let SELF go and let God lead!

Gracefully submitted,

Wendy Wilson