I Choose Jesus.

November 4, 2020
The Life Church

I know this may not be a popular piece, but as a pastor, I am fully convicted that one of my assignments is in a sense “prophetic” … That is to “inflict the comfortable and to comfort the afflicted.” The oracles of God must be declared without thought to personal bias, preference or opinion.

So here goes…

With so much political speech/talk being bandied about this week, each side seems to sway between buoyant optimism of the idea of their party occupying the “seat of power” and being gripped by trepidation and terror at the thought of the other side “being in charge.”

While these sentiments (and some would even call tactics) are certainly not atypical for this time of the year, especially when the American president is being picked, what has sadly seized me is the way professed believers appear to be engrossed and invested into the agenda of political parties and personalities. At times it appears that many Christians, are just (if not more) doggedly devoted, unquestionably loyal, and obsessively invested in the affairs of party-based agendas than they are in the kingdom of heaven!

Don’t believe me, check your Facebook feeds or Twitter timelines from the last few weeks.

This got me to wondering… What place does the church that Jesus died for have in the political conversation? Should we be like all other organizations and entities and “fight for our piece of the American pie” with political maneuverings inclusive of the underhanded tactics of this world?

Or has God given us a different assignment that does not include a “red” or “blue” agenda?

Please hear me! As an American citizen and the byproduct of people who fought, bled, and in some cases died for equal treatment and basic human rights; I am not advocating for abstaining from  participating in the democratic process as a citizen.

However, I believe we MUST ALWAYS examine our attention, investment and consumption of things that are NOT inclusive of our primary assignment which is to spread the Good News of the Gospel and make disciples.

Someone asked me a very poignant and powerful question this week, which I have taken much time to contemplate and I want to ask you: If Jesus was running, would He win?

While at first glance, that may appear to be a very simple question with an easy, obvious answer. When carefully examined, it does require one to take an introspective look of where one’s personal and collective loyalties, confidence, and trust truly lies?

As for me, there can be only one answer given… I will continue to choose Jesus! He is the source of my salvation and the object of my affections. My hope is held in Him.

Regardless of the choice of political candidate, let’s for the sake of Christ and the precious privilege it is to represent His church remember the words of the old hymn… “Kings and Kingdoms [including America] will all pass away”, but the Kingdom of God is everlasting!

My name is Eric Hatcher and I approve this message!