How to Share Your Faith… Practically

July 26, 2021
The Life Church


Think of a friend, family member, child, co-worker, neighbor, or classmate right now who does not have a strong relationship with Jesus. How would you go about introducing them or reintroducing them to Him in a way that is authentic and limits awkwardness? [Though for spiritual growth sometimes uncomfortability is a necessity.]

Jesus’ final command to his follows came in the form of the Great Commission [Matt. 28:19- 20]. It is a call for us to make disciples of those that we are in direct relationship with.

19 Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to follow all that I commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Here are 3 simple ways that we can apply this scripture and help make disciples…

1. Go

In order to apply anything, we have to first take action!


Now this doesn’t mean that we have to adopt some sort of life altering mandate to become a mission in a foreign country. No! It simply means that we can become “mission minded” toward the goal of connecting someone who we already know with the God that we love and serve.


Something critical for every Christian to consider is the question: Who has God placed me around and how can I reach them with the Gospel of God’s unconditional love?


A very simple way to do this is to ask the person [colleague, neighbor, friend, etc.] How can I pray for you today? That simple question may be key to starting a conversation or series of conversations that may eventually lead to their salvation. You won’t know until you exercise your faith and try!


2. Baptize

Often times when we think of baptism, we think of the sacrament of having a sacred service when someone is emerged in water before family/friends indicating their new desire to be devoted in following Jesus Christ.


Now, while that is most certainly correct, it is also incomplete! Baptism, at its core means to have a change of heart. It is an act of repentance and an expression of faith as a person decides to follow Christ.


The great thing about it, is that God desires for us [his disciples] to assist in this process!


We can be supportive, prayerful, and have honest conversations with people about what it means to walk with the Lord, without having to be a Bible-wiz!


Here’s some simple things that you might say:

  • Do you believe that you need Jesus?
  • What do you think that Jesus may be able to do for you?
  • What does following Jesus look like to you?
  • Have you asked God to forgive you for all of your past mistakes?
  • Would you consider inviting Jesus into your life?

3. Teach

It’s not what you think!


The most basic and fundamental aspect to teaching someone to become a follower of Jesus starts with sharing your story/testimony. – How did you come to know Christ and what difference has He made in your life?


Of course, people need to know about God’s love and His word. Of course, they need to learn to show that love and compassion to others. Of course, they need to learn about generosity, compassion, giving, and faith.


But before getting to any of that, the fundamental question that must be consider is: What difference does/will all of this make in my life?


Model what it means to be a disciple by allowing someone to come alongside you as you pray, study God’s word, order your finances and your everyday affairs.