How Has The Bible Changed Your Life?

August 31, 2021
The Life Church

With so much turmoil and instability taking place all around us, our world appears to be in upheaval. When everything else fades and fails, there is one place that we can look to for constancy… The word of God!

The Bible continues to be as relevant today as it ever was! – As a matter of fact, did you know that in a poll conducted earlier this year 71% of adults in America reported reading the Bible, which was a 5 year high!

Now, this might not mean everything, but it does say something. It means that in the midst of all the problems of this world, many people are searching for answers – comfort, hope, peace, guidance, knowledge, etc. in God’s word!

God is still speaking, but it is up to us to seek Him so that we might hear what He is saying.

The scriptures tell us in Romans 10:17 – “Faith comes by hearing the word of God.”

Having said that, how has the Bible impacted your life especially during this pandemic? Have you consistently searched it as a source of nourishment to guard your mind, heart, and spirit against the rottenness of this sin sick society and world? Or have you gotten away from this timeless, vital habit?

If so, why not let today be the day when you return to the source of your strength? – God and His word.