A Simple Family Conversation Guide for Black History

February 9, 2021
The Life Church

As parents we have all had to play an increasingly integral role in our children’s learning while being in a remote environment.

With Black History Month being firmly upon us, there is no more of an appropriate time than the present to implement similar approaches as we attempt to inculcate a greater understanding of why things like racial equality, justice, faith and fighting for equity matter to them.

As black people in America it has always been critical for us to pass down our heritage/legacy in the form of the oral tradition; whether that be through slave songs/spirituals/stories, the way in which we expressed ourselves through the religious machinations of the black church, or in contemporary ways of music and media. However, at the epicenter of it all is and has always been the FAMILY!

Having stated such a supposition, here is a simple approach to guide conversation with your children and/or grandchildren regarding why our [his/her] story matters. (There is also a brief list of children books on subjects related to Black History.)

Some opened-ended questions that you can explore with your children are:

  • How do you think children/families/parents/teachers felt during the civil rights movement?

  • Who are some of the black leaders of the past that you most relate to?

  • How can we draw inspiration from all of the sacrifices that they made so that we could have the opportunities afforded to us?

  • What similar challenges do we still face as a society today?

  • Where can we go for more information to learn about the legacy of our heritage as black people?