A New Year But What’s New?

December 30, 2020
The Life Church

As 2020 comes to a close, much conversation has been had about bringing the year to an end as quick as possible. Who could blame anyone for taking this approach after all that we have endured?

Normally, the new year brings with it a sense of optimism as we embrace the opportunities that spring forth with the budding of the turning over of the calendar. I’m sure at least a time or two in the past, you’ve taken to some sort of resolution or plan to produce meaningful change in your life.

However, as we come into the new year, things are different, like everything else as of late, there is a certain aberrance coming into January 1. Unfortunately, even as we turn toward 2021, it does not allow us to extricate ourselves from our present dilemma caused by the pandemic.

Whatever we have been wrestling with in 2020, still awaits us in 2021. Conversely, though we can’t change much of our current situation – we are still going to be distanced, required to wear masks, restrict travel (at least for a while); we can change how we choose to respond those things.

What can make the choice to search for joy each day, instead of succumbing to a sea of our seemingly unsparing sorrows. We have within our personal power the choice to hold on to the possibility of the hope of a future that is better and brighter (no matter how long it takes to get there – days, weeks, months, years). Instead of relinquishing our optimistic expectations into the abyss of despair, despondency, and disheartenment, we can embrace our faith, which informs us that an infinitely lovely and all-powerful God reigns supreme even over this pandemic. He will continue to cover us and keep us, as He meets out mercy to us each morning!

So as we approach this new year, which is bound to present us with many of the same problems, it may be useful to search for what is new in us as opposed to what may be new around us? it may be helpful to refocus our attention as we ask what is new? Because indeed we may have to deal with the same difficult issues, but we can have a new approach.

Saved to serve,

 Pastor Eric Hatcher