Fall Bible Study Guide

Week 1 (Ruth Chapter 2) – September 10

    1. How did Ruth demonstrate her faith while in Bethlehem? Have you ever been in a place that required you to exhibit more faith?
    2. “For believers nothing happens by accident ONLY appointment.” Do you agree/disagree? Give example(s) in your life.
    3. What caused the positive change in Naomi’s attitude? Are there areas in our attitude that need improvement? If so, what?
    4. “Grace is love that pays the price to help the underserved.” What does this mean to you?
    5. What obstacles to faith did Ruth overcome have to overcome? Name some ways that you faith has grown. What caused the growth to occur?



Week 2 (Ruth Chapter 4) – September 24

    1. What does redemption mean? Cite examples of the theme of redemption in Chapter 4.
    2. How did God use the child of Boaz and Ruth (Obed) to be a blessing to many?
    3. If Boaz is a representation of Christ, then is it acceptable to say that Ruth represents the church (the bride of Christ)? Do you see examples of grace and commitment mirrored in both relationships?
    4. In your opinion what is Ruth’s legacy? What kind of legacy would you like to leave?
    5. What has the book of Ruth taught you about deepening your relationship with God?



Week 3 (Esther 2) – October 8

    1. God is never caught off guard or is ever in short supply of people He can use to accomplish His plans. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?
    2. What three evidences of God’s hand at work do you see in this chapter? Name at least one instance where God was at work in your life and at the time you were not aware.
    3. In your opinion what was it about Esther that made her more attractive than all the other women that were brought to him?
    4. Why do you think that Mordecai and Esther concealed their true identities as Israelites? Do you think they only did so in public and honored God in private? Is there anything wrong with this?
    5. Do you think Esther realized that God positioned her in the place where He could best use her? How may God want to use you where you are for to accomplish His purpose?



Week 4 (Esther 2) – October 22

    1. “All that is required for evil to triumph in the world is for good men (women) to do nothing”. What current injustices in the world could this apply to?
    2. What do you think Mordecai was trying to accomplish by mourning at the king’s gate?
    3. Was it fair for Mordecai to ask Esther to risk everything? What do you think would have happened to Esther had she done nothing?
    4. Esther counted the cost and chose to serve God. What kind of cost is involved with serving Him today?
    5. One of the themes in the book of Esther is the patience of God. He does not rush in what appears to be a very serious situation but allows a series of events to unfold in order for His purpose to play out. What are some things that we can do to help us to learn how to wait and not be impatient with God?