Black History Month

Help Us Celebrate Black History Month

Parents & KIDZ help us celebrate this year!

We need you to do the following:

1. Select a historical black figure from the list below

2. Research and be THOROUGHLY familiar with the person you select. (We don’t just want you to read from a paper, but we want you to become them! Embrace who they were – walk like them, dress up like them, even talk like them.)

3. Create a short video presentation [NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES]

4. Send it to us via email, Google Drive or 

Our email is

The deadline for submissions is 2-5-2022

Black History List (2022)

Blanche Bruce

Josephine Beall Wilson Bruce

Coralie Franklin Cook

Ida B. Wells

Mary Burnett Talbert

Medgar Evers

Granville T. Woods

Alice Ball

August Wilson

Daniel Hale Williams

Gordon Parks

Hiram Rhodes Revels

Charles Drew

WEB Du Bois

Quincy Jones

Henrietta Lacks

Booker T. Washington

Paul Lawrence Dunbar

John Lewis

Bayard Ruston

Stokely Carmichael

Robert Abbott

Percy Julian

Dorothy Height

Judy W. Reed


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